Our company will help you make the best use of your educational background, get your academic credentials evaluated in a recognized agency, or develop the best personalized strategy for your further education.

In United States our services are intended for:

  • those who do not have higher education experience, we offer various degree options in Russia and the USA, including extramural, distance or online programs. Each of the program options has its own advantages.
  • non-native speakers of English with any level of education received in their home country before they moved to the United States.
  • prospective students you wish to continue your education, we will provide you with a list of universities to choose from. We will help you to go through the careful selection process depending on your reasons, motivations and the amount of money you are willing to spend.
  • all interested individuals who started their education and earned a number of credits, but have not completed a college degree.
  • American college students who would like to save time and money while completing their education and want to obtain additional credits through online Liberal Arts course.
  • customers who want to attend a wide range of certificate programs and refresher training courses. Online programs require that students attend only short examination sessions, which allows them to upgrade their knowledge in the shortest possible time and in the most convenient way.

In other countries our services are intended for:

  • students who have completed a minimum of three years of study at a foreign college or university and who wish to study simultaneously online at a college or university in the United States and receive a degree from an American College or University
  • persons who want to come to the U.S. to study at an American college or university, or to complete their education in the U.S. and graduate with an American degree
  • individuals with a university degree who wish to come to the U.S. and attend professional development and training courses leading to a certificate. These certificate programs are of particular interest to business people, company executives and senior managers
  • those who choose to apply for distance learning and campus-based programs in US universities that will best meet your educational, career, and personal needs. This opportunity might be of special interest to those who pursue a degree in social work, as they are sure to benefit from the exposure to long-term US experience in practical social work and social protection
  • Extramural programs provide the opportunity for students to earn their Bachelor's or Master's degrees while combining work with studies

Distance learning advantages include:

  • Flexibility to study in any place that has Internet connection
  • Accessibility for students with health concerns or restricted mobility
  • Convenience to combine studies with other important commitments
  • Freedom to earn a degree in a new area while continuing your current studies in a different university
  • Access to further education and expertise development for those who wish to maintain their employment

Online programs:

  • allow you more flexibility in course scheduling as you can submit your application documents at any convenient time (admissions are conducted twice a year)
  • provide effective interaction with your instructors, as well as regular support and quick feedback from your tutor
  • enable you to combine work and studies
  • give you freedom to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • provide you with access to the course materials at any time and from any location
  • considerably reduce your education expenses (compared to traditional campus-based programs) and provide the same quality of instruction

Online education programs are provided in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. All course learning materials are provided in both English and Russian.

Our programs also involve internships with large Russian and US companies.All our programs and placements are tailored according to your education, skills, and professional goals.

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