Save time, money and extra efforts!

Extra Credit International LLC focuses on helping adults achieve their educational and career goals in the most efficient way. We are truly student-focused. The process starts with the assessment of your previous education and experience and the analysis of your career goals. Then we use a combination of educational experiences that allow you to reach your goals without spending extra time, extra money and extra efforts. Depending on your previous education and experience as well as your goals, you can complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a prestigious foreign college or university or use foreign credits to complete a degree at an American college or university that maximizes your transfer credits.

Our group of professionals who came together to launch Extra Credit International spent many years developing and implementing online, part-time and full-time educational programs, while diligently tracking which professions are in high demand in the American market at any given moment. Our experts offer their vast experience in Russian and American education, have dedicated years of their life to pedagogy, and themselves hold either PhDs. or other academic degrees. They should rightfully be credited not only for their experience in research and program administration, but also for their numerous publications on current trends in education. Importantly, their strong professional networks and academic ties have helped them to establish relationships with reliable companies that evaluate transcripts and diplomas.

Our specialists regularly participate in relevant international congresses, conferences, and symposiums, where they are highly respected for their expertise and contributions to the field.

Let us put our team's wealth of knowledge and practical experience to work for you, helping you find the best solutions for an affordable higher education in a reasonable amount of time.

Extra Credit International is a team of highly qualified professionals who possess great experience in both teaching and academic work. Our staff members are talented educators, researchers, administrators, authors of academic publications in medicine and teaching methodology, participants of international academic conferences on issues of secondary and higher education.

Extra Credit International is a team of knowledgeable specialists whose expertise and dedication ensure that your unique educational needs are taken care of and you receive immediate support in getting an education that will enable you to fulfill yourself professionally anywhere in the world.

Extra Credit International collaborates with credential evaluation agencies providing foreign degree, diploma, academic certificate or transcript evaluation reports.

Extra Credit International provides efficient and low-cost ways to achieve your educational goals faster.

Extra Credit International chooses to work only with reputable and reliable partners, which guarantees high quality of our services.